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CODA is the first and only compact thigh-power UT flaw detector capable of working with both EMAT and piezoelectric sensors using Innerspec’s patented pulser technology.

In EMAT mode, the instrument can pulse 1 to 3 full cycles at 800Vpp/8kW of peak power from 1MHz to 8MHz at a 1kHz pulse repetition rate. In piezoelectric mode, the instrument pulses a half-cycle square wave from 100V to 400V at a 2kHz pulse repetition rate. The instrument can work in pulse-echo or pitch-catch on both EMAT and piezoelectric modes.


CODA instruments are available in three different configurations:

-      CODA. The base model provides all EMAT and piezoelectric functionality without an encoder.

-      CODA+. It includes a one-axis encoder input for encoded Strip Charts and C-scans using a manual or an automated scanner.

-      CODA SM (STRESS MEASUREMENT). Specifically designed for stress measurement, it permits to sequentially pulse a two-channel EMAT sensor using Innerspec’s proprietary technique. It is delivered with custom stress software and different positioning fixtures depending on the application.


All CODA configurations can be fitted with different software apps and custom sensors to enable different normal beam (0⁰) EMAT applications plus all standard piezoelectric applications, including:

  • EMAT applications:

-      Thickness measurement and flaw detection with 0⁰ sensors (shear and longitudinal) from -30° to 650°C

-      Corrosion mapping with single and dual element transducers

-      Bolt-load measurements with EMAT mode (Shear) and EMAT + Piezo (Shear + Longitudinal)

-      Stress measurement for train wheels, rails, and plates

  • Standard piezoelectric applications:

-      Single and dual element 0⁰

-      Shear waves

-      Surface waves

Included Applications CODA CODA+ CODA SM
Spot thickness EMAT (thickness, flaw)
Standard piezo applications
Stress Measurement NA NA

All configurations include a thermocouple for automatic time-of-flight (TOF) temperature corrections.

Available Applications (Software Upgrades) CODA CODA+ CODA SM
Thickness Grid
Thickness/Corrosion Mapping NA
Bolt-Load Measurement (Single and Dual Modes) NA NA

Available Sensors and Accessories CODA CODA+ CODA SM
Shear and Longitudinal EMAT 0⁰ Sensors
Corrosion Mapping Sensors and Scanners NA
Bolt-Load Sensors (EMAT and EMAT+Piezo)
Stress Measurement Sensors and Positioners NA NA
Single and Dual Element Piezo Sensors

Details on the different Sensors and Accessories are available on our catalog.


CODA instruments use Innerspec Technologies Operating Platform (ITOP) with NDT-WEB application software. The instrument broadcasts a WiFi signal that permits remote control of the instrument from the removable phone/tablet (included) or from any connected wireless device using a standard web interface.

Ultrasonic Pulsers 1 EMAT + 1 PIEZO
Bandwidth 1 MHz to 8 MHz 100 kHz to 20 MHz
Pulse Repetition Frequency Up to 1000 Hz Up to 2000 Hz
RF Pulser 1-3 Cycles (Toneburst)
8 kW Power Output
800 Vpp @ 40Amp pk
0.6% Maximum Duty
Half Cycle Square Wave
600 W Power Output
100 V - 400 V @ 5Amp pk
0.6% Maximum Duty
Receivers 50 Ω Input Impedance
20 dB to 90 dB Gain
P/R Modes Pulse-Echo/Pitch-Catch
Dual Channel Multiplexer YES (CODA SM) NO
A/D Converters 14-bit, 100 MSPS
Filtering Programmable Digital Filters
Rectification Full-wave, +/- half-wave, and RF mode
Evaluation Gates 3 Gates per Channel
Amplitude, Time and Frequency
Encoder A/B Quadrature or Clock/Direction (CODA+ and CODA SM)
Automatic, thermocouple input
User Interface Portable Touchscreen 6.9” (default)
Web Browser accessible Through ITOP Operating platform
on any operating system and device
Operating Temperature 32°F (0°C) to 105°F (40°C)
Electrical Power Input 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz
Battery High-Density Li-Ion 14,4V – 48Wh with real-time charge indicator
Autonomy Up to 10h
Dimensions 8.3”(W) x 6.9”(D) x 2.3”(H)
210 mm(W) x 176 mm(D) x 67 mm(H)
Weight 2.6lb/1,2Kg (2.1lb/950g without battery)
Software NDT-WEB allows lifetime software upgrades and
access to new applications automatically through
Innerspec’s NDT-LINK fleet management platform.

Other Accessories

·        Spare Battery

·        Battery Charger

·        Instrument Belt

·        Wrist Band for Phone/Tablet