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Corrosion Mapping (EMAT & PAUT)

Corrosion mapping with quantitative measurement of the thickness of the remaining wall. EMAT provides a non-contact, no-couplant, single-sensor measurement. PAUT provides a traditional ultrasonic solution with conventional UT sensors.
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EMAT sensors are ideal for measurements on rough/coated metallic components with mostly internal corrosion (heavy external corrosion or gauges could limit efficacy due to excessive lift-off). Conventional Phased-Array UT (PAUT) systems provide great accuracy with internal and external corrosion thanks to water coupling.


EMAT (Transductor Electro-Magnético Acústico)

  • Técnica EMAT sin contacto.
  • Highly efficient on coated and rough surfaces. Provides measurements without couplant.
  • Patented pulser and custom transducer provide measurements 2mm (0.080”) from the entry wall.
  • Highly efficient for areas with internal corrosion.
  • Carritos rodantes, encóders y adaptadores disponibles para múltiples aplicaciones.


  • Conventional UT transducers using couplant.
  • Permit covering large areas using phased arrays.
  • Roller probe available for couplant-less applications.

Software Upgrades

Related Instruments

The following instruments are recommended for this application.


Standard EMAT and DCUT Sensors and Accessories for the most common applications (normal beam, guided waves, angled beam)

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