Quantification of Valve Leak

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Fluid losses due to gas valve leak are one of the major problems industrial facilities, refineries, power plants and in general any industry whose operation involves liquids and gases transportation or storage face. Gas valve leak usually has a huge environmental and economical impact.

Gas valve leak detection by means of Non Destructive Evaluation tools is based recording acoustic emission signals generated by the turbulent flow in the leak hole. Acoustic Emission waves travel from these sources through the fluid or the pipe to the sensor.

VPAC™ Acoustic Emission portable system provides leak rate estimation in valves. VPACTM system along with short wavelength, high-frequency and anti-vibration Acoustic Emission sensors operate at ultrasonic frequencies above 100kHz. Sensor gathers ultrasonic noise from the turbulent flow caused by the leak.

The use of VPAC™ allows: a) carrying out effective maintenance plans b) reducing emissions to the atmosphere c) reducing losses and plant costs.