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Axial and/or Circumferential manual scanners permit detecting corrosion under pipe supports. Provides an actual measurement of the remaining wall when using axial scanning and MRUT Sizing software.


  • Técnica EMAT sin contacto.
  • Patented scanners with magnetostrictive strip provide superior signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Axial scanning provides circumferential inspection of the pipes. Complements circumferential scanning from the side of the support.
  • Available for pipes up to 1” (25mm) in thickness.
  • Patent-pending technique for sizing using Axial scanning.

Software Upgrades

  • MRUT
  • MRUT Sizing

Related Instruments

The following instruments are recommended for this application.


Standard EMAT and DCUT Sensors and Accessories for the most common applications (normal beam, guided waves, angled beam)

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