UKAEA relies on Innerspec for the inspection of welded joints

June 8, 2021

Innerspec Technologies UK Ltd (ITUK) are pleased to announce that they have been selected by the UK Atomic Energy Authority to assist in the development of inspection processes for welded joints as part of the ITER project. ITER is an international project with 35 nations collaborating to design, construct and operate a prototype nuclear fusion reactor in southern France scheduled to begin operations in 2025.

As part of the construction program, the UKAEA is leading a project in collaboration with ITER to define and develop the NDT techniques for volumetric inspection of the remotely-welded joints. Dry-Coupled PAUT, ECA and EMAT have been selected as the most promising NDT techniques for the application and detection requirements. In this context, ITUK will be responsible for the development ofthe ECA and EMAT techniques, which will be compared against X Ray Computed Tomography to determine applicability and performance.

Aerial view of ITER Construction in Cadarache, France
ITER Construction in Cadarache, France

Diagram of ITEM Tokamak
ITER Tokamak

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