Thickness measurement at extreme temperatures

January 11, 2024

CODA is the first and only compact high-power UT flaw detector capable of working with both EMAT and piezoelectric sensors using Innerspec’s patented pulser technology.

En el modo EMAT, el equipo puede pulsar de 1 a 3 ciclos completos a 800Vpp/8kW de potencia máxima a frecuencias de ultrasonidos de 1MHz a 8MHz a velocidades de hasta 1kHz. En el modo piezoeléctrico, el instrumento pulsa una onda cuadrada de medio ciclo de 100V a 400V a una velocidad de hasta 2kHz. El equipo puede trabajar en modo pulso-eco o transmisor-receptor separados (pitch-catch) tanto con sensores EMAT como piezoeléctricos.

CODA instruments use Innerspec Technologies Operating Platform (ITOP) with NDT-WEB application software. The instrument broadcasts a WiFi signal that permits remote control of the instrument from the removable phone/tablet (included) or from any connected wireless device using a standard web interface.

CODA instruments are available in three different configurations:

CODA - The base model provides all EMAT and piezoelectric functionality without an encoder.
CODA+ - It includes a one-axis encoder input for encoded Strip Charts and C-scans using a manual or an automated scanner.
CODA SM - (Stress Measurement). Specifically designed for stress measurement, it permits to sequentially pulse a two-channel EMAT sensor using Innerspec’s proprietary technique. It is delivered with custom stress software and different positioning fixtures depending on the application.

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