Enhancement in NDT inspection for operational effectiveness, efficiency and excellence

April 15, 2021

Our colleague Francisco García Torres, NDT Site Services Manager, explains how the usage of advanced NDT technologies will facilitate a disruptive change leading to cost savings of over 40% just by adapting the structure of the NDT companies.

Quality should become a management & financial tool that will boost or aid a project in alignment with company's strategies and immediate targets. To manage it, a small twist in actual Inspection Services shall be introduced.

However, it becomes evident that the potential client, although can see and understand the potential improvement, can believe that an added value carries cost increments and, therefore, under dynamic competitive business, performing the change can be, at short term, harmful.

In this document, we intend to show that any change shall be linked, not only to improvement, but also to immediate cost reduction so that all management structure can conceive quick implementation as part of its department strategy & enhancement in their budget cost.

For that, concepts such as effectiveness, effciency and excellence must be approached. We will give clear saving cost ways which will follow the terminology.

In Financial terms and without a deep analysis, we can confirm cost savings above 30% from current prices are achieved.