Announcing VOLTA 2!

September 1, 2023

VOLTA was first unveiled in 2018 with a lot of industry firsts:

  • First NDT instrument accessible from any device using an internet browser.
  • First guided wave system controlled entirely with a touch screen.
  • First guided wave system capable of handling Medium and Long-range UT applications (MRUT and LRUT).
  • It also was and still is the most powerful UT instrument in the market with 1000Vpp and up to 10 cycles from 40kHz to 5MHz.

Our customers loved the capabilities and the unmatched power but, of course, the customers wanted more so we got back to the drawing board.

So, what is new in VOLTA 2?

It may look exactly the same, but it’s definitely not.

Internally we have re-designed all the electronics in a modular compact frame that eliminates 90% of the cable connections to make the instrument more reliable and durable during transportation and in harsh environments.

The processor is 8x faster than the original VOLTA with twice the amount of RAM, and 500GB of internal memory. The new processor coupled with the new patented pulsers, and a re-designed battery board have improved energy efficiency by nearly 25%.

We have added an additional Wi-Fi so the instrument can now connect both to the instrument tablet and an outside network simultaneously. No more external Wi-Fi dongle is needed for system updates or to transfer data.

To top it all, a customer favorite. No more tuning modules! VOLTA 2 has a patented signal conditioning board that permits connecting to any of our EMAT sensors without external attachments or tuning modules.

From a software point of view, we have an updated version of NDT-WEB, the first and only NDT software accessible from the browser of any device connected to the instrument without client software. NDT-WEB connects seamlessly with NDT-LINK, our cloud utility for User and Asset Management, Remote Support, Data Sharing, and Reporting.

The new VOLTA 2 includes the original applications like MRUT and LRUT, and we have added a few new ones:

  • New, also patented, sizing tool for MRUT to determine remaining wall in pipe supports and similar applications.
  • Weld inspection with guided waves and bulk waves.
  • Thickness measurement and corrosion mapping.
  • Stress measurement.

In summary…one instrument ALL EMAT applications! The new and improved VOLTA 2. Contact us on the mail below for a personal demo and tour of its capabilities


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